• AbsolTheHiroPone


    December 1, 2016 by AbsolTheHiroPone

    Hey guys.

    So sorry for being absent from the wiki during a vandal attack, I had no idea that they were here.

    I've been busy with college so I haven't had much spare chance to get on here (and any spare chance I do get goes on talking to my friends on Twitter and other sites).

    I'll try to be more active if I can but I'm not making any promises, this wiki is pretty slow and unless there is another vandal attack it's pretty boring... ^^;

    Anyway, the vandals have gone now and hopefully won't be back anytime soon but we'll have to wait and see...

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  • Androkon

    Hello there!

    I'm fixing/cleaning some categories since we have doubles and some pages either lack them or have not enough (e.g. for description of powers). Just wanted to give a shout before I begin. Oh, also some of the categories lack descriptive pages...


    If we have a "Mares" category we also need a "Colts" category. But we don't need the "Mares" and "Colts" categories if we can combine the "Ponies" and "Male" or "Female" categories. And what about trans-sexual characters. And what about child safety? We should then have a widget that must be inculted in the pages... oh, I know a Template which are also not continiously used in all pages, which makes this wiki look a bit ugly. But that's just my opinion.


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  • AbsolTheHiroPone

    Hello there wikians and pony fans!

    It's no secret that I am now an admin here.
    As you will have noticed I have changed the wiki theme, it looks a lot nicer now compared to before, but I do think I will change it again soon. (As soon as my stupid computer starts to work properly.) It would be nice if you guys could suggest some colours you would like to see implemented in to this wiki's theme, this place is for everyone editing here, not just myself. (I know for a fact that a lot of people don't like the same colours I do.)

    Another order of business I need to get to now that I am admin is the wiki features.
    What do you want to see on the wiki?

    • Message Walls or Talk Pages?
    • Forums?
    • A Chat?
    • Achievements?
    • Maps?
    • Top ten Lists?

    And why would you like/not li…

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  • AbsolTheHiroPone

    EDIT 25th Aug: We, the Meep Crew as I like to call us, needs to make this place feel like a safe and happy place. Soo, I'd like ya'll to start making pages for ponies, if you don't mind. I know a lot of you don't have OCs but I know at least two of you do. It would be nice if you could at least make a nice page pr two to welcome the other editors back to a friendlyier MLP OC Wiki!

    Those vandals are relentless aren't they? Jesus.

    Anyway, for now they are gone but they're bound to be back soon. Which is why we need an active admin.

    Here is my plan:

    • Continue to fight the vandals for a week
    • After the week is up, I will put in a request to adopt the wiki.
    • If I get adminship I will:
      • Remove the marked pages
      • Block the vandals the moment they being to stir …
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  • AbsolTheHiroPone

    Active admins?

    August 23, 2015 by AbsolTheHiroPone

    I have come from the Bronies wiki having been informed that there has been a wave of attacks made on this wiki. I'm going to try and help out with the cleanup but I don't see any active admins about here... I see the people who made the bad edits have been blocked by wikia staff but this wiki is in a lot of mess after what they have done...

    Btw, it's been a long time since I have come here. I made the Heart Blaze page, found the Bronies wiki and kind of left this one...

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