Buckaroo is a earth pony who lives in ponyville but the interesting fact is that he is actually from 20 years from the future. He's also the only pony in his family to have yet get his cutie mark.


Buckaroo is the oldest of a 3 siblings, with a middle sister and kid brother, and the son of Billaroo, Owner of a repair shop,and Beckiaroo, an Employee at a clothing store.(However he lost his mother 3 years ago when a crime group known as the Mare-do-Well Alliance capture and forced recruit her) Buckaroo is the only pony in his family not yet to have his cutie mark, As his siblings, Beakaroo and Budaroo got their cutie marks at the age of 9 and 12 while at the age of 19 not yet to have got one. During his school years because of his lack of Cutie Mark Buck was given a horrible name that followed him until he finish school:


One night while being outside feeling sad not having his cutie mark, Buck is approach by none other then princess twilight (a much older version) who said that she once knew a group of fillies who wanted to get their cutie marks but later hot their's and Buck ask where they are she then told him to head to the "secluded, private part" of Sweet Apple Acres,there where a small clubhouse will reveal all.

Later that night Buck sneak out of the house and head to Sweet Apple Acres, where he located the clubhouse, which is shown to be abandoned. As he entered the clubhouse, he looked around and wondered how this could reveal the secret of getting a cutie marks. Suddenly the clubhouse began to glow with strange lights outside, then the clubhouse began to spin, with Buck spining too and then fainted.

The next day he woke up to found that it's morning and that the clubhouse look like it's fix. As he exist out and headed back to home he notice a few things different then in ponyville. suddenly he discovered that his house have disappeared and asked a few ponies where's the house that was here but no one could answer why. He then head toward the repair shop to see is dad, only to learn that his father's name is gone from the sign and when ask the owner about some guy name Billaroo he said that he recentally hired a guy name Billaroo, Then he sees a young stallion carrying boxes of hammers screwdrivers from the back room. This shocked Buck as he remember an old photo of his father when he was young and as the owner called Billaroo to come meet someone Buck ran out the store. Buck then notice a calender with the date and discover that he somehow travel 13 years into the past. 

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