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She's spent all of her life living in ponyville, fulfilling her dream of creating art. At the age of 1, she started to show interest in the concept of art. Not knowing her father caused her to be an introvert, and really not going out much.

She liked to hang out with Angle Bunny when her mother wasn't home. As she got older, she got more distant.

Season 1

After the events of "Applebuck Season" (S1E04): Buttercup made professional art, and got into making art for others, with a reasonable price of 20 dollars. She's made art for countless ponies. A certain pony Rumble, who she was friends with, always came to her to ask for her art. She developed a crush on him, but, since she was only 3, her mother didn't approve. But, they still hung out together. She liked to exercise, so she always wore a purple headband, with something holding her tail up.

During the events of "Boast Busters" (S1E06): She hated Trixie. Although she showed a smile on her face when she was at her shows, on the inside, she HATED her. This caused her to not go to the shows anymore, and hang out with Rumble. She didn't care if her mother didn't approve, they liked each other as friends.

After the events of "Best Night Ever" (S1E26): Buttercup was given a nick name of 'Butter' by Rumble. She loved the nickname. She had just turned 4, so her mother allowed her to hang out with boys. This is when she confessed her real feelings. Rumble felt the same way, and they started to hang out way more.

Season 2

She played no major roles during the events of Season 2, although, she turned 5.

Season 3

During/After the events of "Magic Duel" (S3E05): During this event, she turned 6, and, became a celebrity. She traveled world wide with Rumble, his role was helping her do her projects.