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Cursor Click
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Love Interest:

Trixie Lulamoon

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Cursor Click is an Earth Pony from Las Pegasus, currently living in Ponyville. His Cutie Mark is a cursor, symbolizing his love and dedication to technology. He likes to create machines, what makes him an engineer. He also likes to play games, his favorite platform is PC.


Cursor spent most of his life living in a small house on the outskirts of Las Pegasus. A tragic accident involving a carriage and a drunk stallion took the lives of his parents and young brother. Unable to accept his loss, Cursor ran away to Ponyville, where he spend most of the days working on his machines.

Season 1

After the events of "Applebuck Season" (S1E04): Cursor was testing his prototype of a machine that would make Unicorns and Earth Ponies able to fly, but a malfunction made him crash on Sweet Apple Acres' orchard, where he was found by the Apple family who nursed him back to health. Grateful, he volunteered to help them to buck the apple trees.

During the events of "Boast Busters" (S1E06): Cursor watched in awe Trixie's performance. He has saw Unicorn magic before, but never used like that. He was hypnotized by Trixie's tricks. He couldn't stop looking at that mare, even while she mocked his friend Applejack and her friends. He completely ignored Twilight Sparkle's obvious superiority with magic. To him, Trixie's still better. Unfortunately she fled before he was able to even talk to her.

After the events of "Best Night Ever" (S1E26): Cursor couldn't remember when, but he started to develop feelings toward his best friend and boss, Applejack. When she returned from the Grand Galloping Gala, he was waiting for her at the main gate of Sweet Apple Acres. Cursor confessed his feelings, but unfortunately she didn't felt the same way. He went back home with a broken heart.

Season 2

Cursor Click played no major roles during the events of Season 2.

Season 3

During/After the events of "Magic Duel" (S3E05): Cursor was overjoyed by seeing Trixie again, even with an attitude worse than the last time she was in Ponyville. He did everything she told him to do without arguing. After her defeat she fled again, but this time he ran after her. Once he catch up with her he told her how much he liked her performances and asked to travel with her, as her assistant. With a smile, she put her hat on his head and they started their adventures together.


  • Cursor Click and his Mutation Device
  • Cursor Click as an Unicorn
  • Cursor Click as a Pegasus
  • Cursor Click as an Alicorn

Cursor has a device created by himself called Mutation Device. Disguised as a watch, this little apparatus can change the user's DNA, turning him or her into anything he or she wants. It can turn you into an Earth Pony, a Pegasus, an Unicorn and even an almighty Alicorn.