Kind: Pegasus
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Residence: Manehattan
Occupation: Therapist
Cutie Mark: A clouded sun with a magic swirl

Daydream is a gentle pegasus mare from Manehattan. She is the twin sister of Nightlife and the daughter of Pink Lemonade. She has the special ability to dream up incredible ideas and uses her talent and her magical ability to make anyone feel relaxed to treat her patients as a therapist.



She is a very dopey and scatterbrained pegasus, often sleeping or daydreaming. Despite being somewhat lazy and preferring to sleep as long as she can, she is a very sweet and gentle pony when she is awake and is always willing to help others out. She is a great listener.


Daydream's coat is light blue in colour, her mane and tail are pure white and have the same style as her sister Nightlife. Her mane is the same colour as her mother's but it is unclear where her and her sister's blue coats came from, their father does have a pale blue mane. She has her father's bright yellow eyes and wears a fair amount of mascara, they are usually half closed in a sleepy manner. She is always seen wearing her light yellow ribbons, one in her mane and one on her tail, unlike her sister she isn't fond of wearing socks. Her cutiemark is a sun hidden behind a cloud and defaced with a swirl of magic and represents her ability to dream during the day, it is similar to her sister's moon defaced with a cloud, they received their marks at the same time after dreaming up an idea to protect Manehattan from rogue Changelings.


  • Her wings are very sensitive and not very strong, as a result she cannot fly very quickly and prefers to fly more gracefully, like a butterfly.
  • She is a pegasus like her father but her sister is a unicorn like their mother.
  • Her favourite colour is yellow.
  • It is said if you sleep by her side you experience the deepest, most refreshing sleep of your life, with lucid dreams occurring commonly.
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