My OC drawn by minikirby

Feather Grass is a 14 Year Old Pegasus Pony. She owns and maintains a meadow 10 miles away from Ponyville. Feather Grass lives in a small secluded village 10 miles away from Ponyville.

Feather is often seen caring for the flowers, plants and animals more than other ponies, however if you can get close to her she can be a very loyal and honest friend, but she may get tired quickly...

Feather is also deeply interested in Japanese culture and owns a large variety of Japanese snacks, Mangas, Animes and Doujins!


Feather Grass is a quiet pony whom prefers to keep to herself this trait, but this has made it tough for her to make new friends. However she is loyal and honest to her close friends.


13 years ago in a small village 10 miles away from Ponyville, a one year old filly was enjoying the typical toddler life with her parents until an eventful evening.
Feather's parents had disappeared!
Their location is unknown.

Feather was sent to a small orphanage in Ponyville where she grew up. On her 8th birthday she received a small blue budgerigar in a small metal cage. When Feather opened the cage to feed the little budgie, she received her cutie mark!

Her simple orphan life flipped over on her 13th Birthday. Because on that day a heir hunter arrived and informed Feather that she has inherited her family's village house and that she could move in at any time. Like most orphans she excitedly adventured out to locate the house on the map the heir hunter provided her with.

When Feather arrived she opened the door with the key that the Heir Hunter gave her and stepped inside. She felt a cool breeze as she entered the Master Bedroom, unpacking her possessions.

The Meadow


She is dating / living with a pegasus called Computer Tweaker. The OC shipping backstory is coming soon.

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