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Jewel Demon


Dragon Pony




Everfree Forest



Cutie Mark:

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Jewel Demon is a mint and green dragon pony from Trottingham, Equestria. She currently lives in the Everfree Forest with her friends. Jewel is the arch nemesis of Xethon Skull and love interest of Gale.



Jewel is intelligent and agile, she knows what she wants and will go to any length to get it, no matter who stands in her way, even if this means hurting her friends and loved ones to get what she wants. She is malicious in her ways. Ultimately however, most of her plans fail as she doesn't come up with back ups, and will wing it until she is left with no other choice but to flee the scene.


Jewel has a mint coloured coat, with green coloured scaley sections of her legs. She has a long tail with some hair at the end of it, and her wings are designed in a similar way to a wing suit. Her horn is curved back, and she has two silver piercings in each of her ears. Her hair is deep blue, light blue and pink in colour.