Mocha Cream is a resident of Pudgyville, where ponies can be fat and happy.

Mocha Cream as she typically appears.

Early Life

Details to come later.


Mocha Cream is a fat white pony with red and gold hair. She has yellow eyes.


Mocha Cream is an avid fan of cake. So much so that if she sees it, she wants it, even if it's not meant for her. This make it difficult for her to be at birthday parties she's invited to.


Mocha Cream has a sister named Chatrina, and at least one cousin named Mocharoni. Most of thr time, the family is occupied with Chatrina, whom is currently dealing with weight issues from her past.


Mocha Cream is Truffle Delight's girlfriend and shows a strong bond with him over his girly nature and size. She finds him very attractive and often calls him her "big boy Truffle".