Sparklebrush is a Pegasus who runs the Sparklebrush art studio near the south outskirts of ponyville. She is an orange pony, with a brown mane which she wears in a ponytail. She also wear glasses. her cutie mark is a paintbrush with orange paint on it and two sparkles next to it.


Sparklebrush is very creative, but when she's working on something, she can become very anti-social and barricade herself in her studio so nobody will interrupt her for days at a time. She doesn't like to show most of her art to people, and when complemented she'll insist that "I could have done much much better". She tries her hardest to be a nice, easygoing person, but she'll sometimes get upset if things don't go according to plan.

Sparklebrush loved to draw ever since she could hold a paintbrush. She felt most comfortable in art class, and with her trusty paintbrush, Rembrandt by her side, she could paint very well! She was never good in history, so she constantly studied for it to make sure she did well in it. leading to her not having many friends because she was always studying. She gained her cutie mark after winning the Amateur Painter's Drawing Contest with a brilliant painting of a night sky, which she keeps in her art studio as a good luck charm. She moved to ponyville so she would have easy access to the rainbow factory, where she purchases the excess rainbows to turn into paints with a special machine that separates the colors of a rainbow.