Sweet Aroma is a perfume maker and seller in Pudgyville, a place where ponies can be fat and happy.


Sweet Aroma is a fat black, bottom-heavy pony. She has purple hair and fuchsia eyes with red eye shadow.
Sweet Aroma at Belly Beach

Sweet Aroma at Belly Beach.


Sweet Aroma is very kind and gets excited when she finds a new scent she likes, often wiggling her rump in response. Her physique does cause her to be somewhat apologetic at times given she's often on top of another pony. She also tends to be unclothed most of the time because her bottom-heavy appearance makes standing difficult at times.


Sweet Aroma has a mom named Mrs. Aroma and and a dad named Mr. Aroma. Her brother is named Wonder Aroma.


While she's currently not falling for anyone, she does have a best friend named Darling Diamond, whom adores Sweet Aroma's bottom-heavy appearance.


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