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Paradox's first incarnation, Autumn.

Time Paradox is a stallion from Gallifrey. He is currently 13 years old and in his first incarnation. He was born on Janurary 31. However, the year is unknown. He has two siblings. Red wine, his foster sister. And Time Vortex, his biological brother.

Note: Yes, more will be added on later. Also, don't me to write an amazing storyline. I'm not Stephen King.

Early life

Soon after Paradox was born, he was sent away in order to save him from being destroyed along with Gallifrey. His parents put him and his brother in two TARDISes and sent them to Equestria in the year 2000, so they could be raised to be kind young stallions. They were of course seperated, and didn't find each other untill years later. He was raised by a couple in manehatten alongside a filly named "Red Wine" who he loved like she was his real sister. At age 8, he recieved his cutie mark after winning the science fair at his school. He was so excitied and talked about it for hours on end with his sister, who had just recieved her's the day before. At age 12, he discovered the TARDIS he arrived in and entered, finding a tape that explained his origin. He set out find his brother and meet him for the first time since he was born. After months of searching, he found him in Canterlot and reconnected with him. Once they were brothers again he started his adventure through time. Which he's still doing today.


First incarnation- He was mostly a stubborn yet caring stallion, who prefered to handle his problems alone. He seemed to like to shout "Onward!", which he did atleast 12 times in his lifetime. Though he was stubborn, he was always there for those who needed him.


First Paradox "Autumn"- The first Paradox or "Autumn" as some called him, had a autumn colored mane and tail, and was a semi-dark red. He wasn't really into fashion. So, he wore a urban camo hoodie and watch. He spent most of his time with Jackson Saxon, and became his best friend. He often made bad decsions, which sometimes led to him or other to be injured severly.

Death: His death hasn't occured yet.

Jan 31, ???? - Present

Non-canon deaths

Paradox has died a few times. But I didn't like the deaths, so I made them non-canon.

Wrong blood- In one death, he was given the wrong blood type when he lost alot of blood in a fight.

"Shouldn't have gone to Valijex."- In another death, he went to planet named "Valijex" and was shot by a police officer there.

Infected hearts- In the third death, he developed heart disease. And died over the course of three months