Tvælåt anime

Tvælåt in the anime.

Tvælåt manga

Tvælåt in the manga

Tvælåt the Devourer (of cinnamon rolls) is a young, female, viking unicorn. She is the daughter of the viking god Odin and the unicorn Sunflower Daze. She is well known across Equestria for her pillaging of the land and her love for cinnamon rolls.

Family tree-0

Tvælåt's family tree.

Early life

The viking god once visited Equestria in a drunked haze after a huge party in Valhal. It was that night he met the unicorn mare Sunflower Daze. 9 months later Tvælåt was born. Sunflower opted to never tell Tvælåt about her father, as the knowledge of her viking god powers could mean the end of all Equestria.

Sunflower was a baker, and it was cinnamon roll season when Tvælåt was born. This lead to Sunflower feeding Tvælåt lots of cinnamon rolls. Tvælåt acquired her cutie mark far earlier than the other fillies, a cinnamon roll. Now that mother and daughter knew that her very special talent was eating cinnamon rolls, she never ate any other food again.

When Lord Tirek and his brother Scorpan first attacked Equestria, Tvælåt was a very young filly. She had been at the next town over, gathering cinnamon rolls, when she returned Tirek had completely annihilated her home village. She found her mother dead in their destroyed home, and swore revenge on Tirek in the name of all things cinnamon. Tirek was later defeated after the betrayal of his brother, but Tvælåt knew that he would return, and that would be when she had her revenge.